Ever since 1991 QDM&CG has organised an annual deer count usually on a morning in early March. The count focusses primarily on assessing Red deer numbers and is undertaken by around 50 - 60 volunteers, each allocated to survey all or a part of one of the 44 different count blocks covering the Quantock Hills and adjacent lower lying land. Other deer species such as roe, fallow or muntjac deer are also recorded if seen, though the large scale nature of the count is less well suited to census the smaller deer species. It is important to note that we do not pretend ever to achieve a complete count of the entire Quantock red deer herd, as some proportion of those within the count area will always be missed in concealing cover, and others - not least some older stags - tend to move well off the hills from late winter onwards until rejoining mixed sex herds in the autumn. The main value of the count undertaken in the same way year on year lies in identifying minimum numbers that remain and as an index of long term population trends. For further background and history of the count and how you may be able to assist - click here.

The most recent count took place on Sunday 3rd March 2019 . Weather conditions were very poor, and are likely to have contributed to the very low numbers seen this year. After exclusion of probable duplicate sightings of deer noted to move between count blocks, 320 different red deer were recorded on the day. This figure is the lowest for red deer since 2013, and also included only a very low proportion of adult males recorded (just 6 stags 4 years or older, 26 spring stags, and 6 prickets seen on the day) 
Although the count is primarily designed to record red deer, other deer recorded included 123 Roe (incl. at least 19 bucks). Two Muntjac  but no Fallow deer were seen during this latest count

Red Deer  seen: 320 ( 280 Hinds & calves of both sexes / 6 Prickets / 26 Young stags / 6 Older Stags 4yrs+)

Other deer seen during the 2019 Spring Count included 123 Roe Deer ; 0 Fallow;  2 Muntjac seen!

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